September 9, 2020 by K2 Cranes

World’s leading manufacturer of construction equipment keeps adding K2 Cranes Year on Year!

We Manufacture wide range of cranes catering to all industrial sectors with a production of about 300 cranes per annum.

November 4, 2021 by K2 Cranes

Wish you a Happy and Safe Diwali!!

K2cranes wishes our esteemed customers, suppliers, partners and all our well-wishers on this wonderful platform a Happy and Safe Diwali!!

April 24, 2021 by K2 Cranes

What about some Masala!

The food we eat stays in our mouth just for a few seconds. But our taste buds demand so much! Many a war is fought on the dining tables because of these...

April 21, 2021 by K2 Cranes

Sri Rama Navami – God of Strength and Devotion

On this Auspicious day of RamaNavami, We pray to Lord Rama’s ardent devotee, Hanuman, The God of Strength and Devotion, To give every one of us Courage to...

February 13, 2021 by K2 Cranes

Schwing Stetter Global Manufacturing Hub Pooja

😊 Yellove @ Schwing Stetter Global Manufacturing Hub Pooja, Million thanks to Schwing for the Opportunity, K2 Cranes – “World Class Cranes with...

April 19, 2021 by K2 Cranes

Plant Head appreciates K2cranes for quick support

When your Philosophy is Customer Focus, you don’t hesitate to go that extra mile and provide them the Best Service, right? That is exactly what we did at...

March 18, 2022 by K2 Cranes

K2ians Wishes You all a Happy Holi 18th Mar 2022

K2Cranes wishes everyone a Happy Holi! Let us enjoy all the colours of life!! Wishing you and your family success, happiness and prosperity this Holi and...

January 1, 2022 by K2 Cranes

K2ians Wish you all Happy New Year 2022

  All of us from K2cranes wish you all a wonderful new year 2022! May all of us be blessed with Excellent Health, Success in our Jobs,...

March 25, 2022 by K2 Cranes

K2Cranes installs lifting solutions at the facility of the market leader in slurry handling equipment, used in mining and general industrial markets around the world!

We had the pleasure of manufacturing a total of 15 Overhead Cranes for this distinguished customer. All the 15 Cranes have been installed successfully and...

June 23, 2021 by K2 Cranes

K2’s Overhead crane with spotlights at the manufacturing facility of one of the world’s leading  home appliance companies!

K2’s Overhead crane with spotlights at the manufacturing facility of one of the world’s leading  home appliance companies!   Our uncompromising...

October 23, 2020 by K2 Cranes

K2’ians Ayudha Pooja Celebrations

We K2’ians Celebrated Ayudha Pooja, sharing the Joyful moments – “Our Creations are Made Possible with Our Tools RESPECT them WORSHIP them.

September 13, 2020 by K2 Cranes

K2 Supplied 80/20Ton Cameron | Schlumberger

We offer our benevolent customers with quality products that not only meet their requirements.