Electric Overhead Travelling EOT Crane is the most commonly preferred crane that is used in load lifting and shifting in factories. They have the parallel runways and the gap is spanned by a travelling bridge. The hoist is mounted on this bridge. These cranes can be operated electrically.

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Different types of cranes

360 Degree Flexi Crane

The 360 Degree Flexi Crane</a> is a game-changer in the world of lifting solutions. With its simple yet ingenious structure, it offers a compact size that optimizes workshop space. Despite its small size, it is remarkably lightweight, flexible, and convenient to use.
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Single Girder Cranes

Single girder cranes consist of one box girder supported by End truck on each side and it is suitable for lifting & shifting load from 250kg to 15 Ton upto 30M span. Single Girder cranes can be either top running or under running in design.
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Double Girder Cranes

Double Girder cranes consist of two torsion-free box girders. This makes double girder cranes especially suitable for lifting and transporting loads over 10 Ton and for span of more than 25M. Double girder overhead cranes are available with load capacities up to 300 Ton and with spans up to 40 M.
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Goliath / Gantry Cranes

A Goliath Crane (also known as Gantry Cranes) is a kind of overhead crane having a single or double girder establishment supported by separate legs that move on wheels or rail system or along a track. The movement in the lifting axis is carried out by a special high-torque motor mounted on the girders which has a high load carrying capacity.
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Semi-Goliath Cranes

Semi-Goliath cranes consist of a horizontal lifting beam or beams supported by one floor mounted rail (similar to those used in traditional gantry crane designs) and also one raised rail, like those used in overhead crane systems.
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Underslung Cranes

Underslung cranes are proven to maximize customer floor space and mobility. The cranes are typically attached to the existing roof structure—columns to support the crane runway are not needed. The installation of stand-alone steel superstructures also enables the solution to be flexible to production requirements.
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LCS - Light Crane System

LCS is easily operable light crane system boosting production efficiency. It reduces workloads in installation and relocation and its requires only light force to operate keeping work safe and ergonomic.</p> <p>Light Crane System transfer loads along smooth, three-dimensional lines.
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Jib Cranes

A Jib crane is a type of overhead lifting device that’s often used in a smaller work cell area for repetitive and unique lifting tasks. Jib cranes are extremely versatile and can also be paired with overhead bridge cranes to maximize production.
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A-Frame Cranes are portable, lightweight, and affordable lifting solutions with sturdy A-frame designs.<br /> A-frame cranes are slight variation of regular Gantry cranes aimed at lifting light or medium capabilities. A-frame can be adopted for both indoor and outdoor application.
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