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Happy Labour Day 1st May 2021

Work is Worship! Skill and expertise are our Wealth! Happy May Day to all out there, working tirelessly, making our world a better place to live!

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K2 Cranes in Steel Industry

Customer is a steel plate melt-cutting and processing company, an Indian joint venture of a leading Japanese company.  They manufacture melt-cut parts, secondary processing products and composite parts and primarily supply their products to some of the leading construction equipment manufacturers.

K2cranes was chosen as customer’s lifting partner when their state-of-the-art coated steel manufacturing plant at Tada, Andhra Pradesh was constructed in 2011-12. With an annual manufacturing capacity of 24,000T, here the steel plates go through the cutting, bending, welding and shot blasting processes, to finally get the shape of the products used in building construction equipment.

In the last 7 years we have installed 28 EOT cranes, 50 Semi Gantry Cranes, a number of JIB Cranes and Underslung Cranes to lift and move the steel plates and other steal components.

Are you setting up a new factory? For World Class Cranes with Top Class Support, CALL US now!

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What about some Masala!

The food we eat stays in our mouth just for a few seconds. But our taste buds demand so much! Many a war is fought on the dining tables because of these taste buds! How do you satisfy them? May be you can try adding some special masala! But in your busy life, how much time and effort can you spend for preparing masalas? No worries! There is help available from experts! And we are there to support them in their factories!

Customer is a well-known Indian masalas and food products brand within the #FMCG segment, which has conquered the hearts and the kitchens of many homes within India and many countries abroad.  As they kept expanding their product line, their factory in Chennai needed   #material handling equipment, to #lift and move their materials.

Our #K2cranes team installed the 5TON #Singlegirder #EOTcrane at their facility and it has been successfully doing the #lifting operation for the last 5 years now.

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“Holy Tree” – K2 Cranes Token of Love

Doesn’t the sight of Fresh and Green dancing leaves make you happy? Are you wondering what these small little plants are doing, traveling along our K2 Cranes? These are saplings of one of Mother Nature’s Blessings! We call it the “Holy Tree”! Every part of the Neemtree has medicinal properties that include anti-fungal, antiviral, anti-bacterial as well as germ-killing qualities. Along with our crane deliveries, we have been sending these beautiful saplings to our customers as our token of love!
Let’s show our Love for Mother Nature! Let’s keep her Happy!

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Sri Rama Navami – God of Strength and Devotion

On this Auspicious day of RamaNavami,

We pray to Lord Rama’s ardent devotee, Hanuman,

The God of Strength and Devotion,

To give every one of us

Courage to Fight this virus


Wisdom to protect ourselves and people around us!

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Plant Head appreciates K2cranes for quick support

When your Philosophy is Customer Focus, you don’t hesitate to go that extra mile and provide them the Best Service, right?
That is exactly what we did at K2Cranes! (


The customer’s requirement was critical. The lack of additional lifting solution meant their components were waiting in line. Customer needed a trusted lifting partner to very quickly deliver the lifting solution. Installation was to be done at their busy facility currently in operation, without impacting their production schedules.

K2cranes team customized the ready available StreetHoist, for the increased span requirement, chose a holiday (sacrificing their off day for the customer!), operated efficiently within the space constraints and successfullyinstalled the same ontime, thus ensuring minimal impact to the customer’s production.


And the appreciation was not delayed! The Happy K2customer – the Plant Head at the Injected Moulded Plastic Parts Manufacturing facility, wrote the following:

“Thank you K2cranes for your quick support on crane installation. Convey my heartiest congratulations to K2team for their dedicated effort and support”

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K2 Cranes Installed @ Global Leader in the Field of Renewal Energy

Customer is a global leader in designing, manufacturing, installing and servicing wind turbines. With their best-in-class wind turbines installed across many countries in the world, they are providing sustainable energy solutions for future.

They are setting up a new, optimized and scalable nacelle and hub assembly factory in Chennai. For this new factory, they needed best in class heavy lifting solutions and we, K2cranes ( were their natural choice!

The expert team at K2 Cranes carefully designed and manufactured the World Class EOT Cranes and JIB Cranes that are now successfully installed at the customer’s production hub.

As our K2cranes with Top Class Support lift and move the various Wind Turbine components through the assembly line, thus playing a crucial role in the manufacturing of the Wind Turbines, we at K2 are extremely happy to be contributing to the renewable energy solutions for the world!

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K2 Cranes Exported EOT Crane to Qatar, Middle East

We are happy 🙂 to share that, K2 Cranes recently exported 5Ton Single Girder EOT Crane to Middle East – installed at the New Glass Factory of a Leading Business Conglomerate in the state of Qatar. Manufactured at the K2Cranes’ state of the art facility in Chennai, INDIA the Overhead crane have been built to safely and securely handle the Glass Materials. We wishes the customer and their new Factory all success!! 🙏

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Schwing Stetter Global Manufacturing Hub Pooja

😊 Yellove @ Schwing Stetter Global Manufacturing Hub Pooja, Million thanks to Schwing for the Opportunity, K2 Cranes – “World Class Cranes with Top Class Support”👍

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K2 Cranes, 1st CE Marking Crane for our Global Client in Renewable Energy..

Our 1st crane with CE Marking for a Global Client in Renewable Energy, we @ K2 continuously work harder to keep our Mission of “World Class Cranes with Top Class Support”. 👍 Great Job by all K2ians…. RESPECT them WORSHIP them.